Treaty Oak Static Recovery Strap- SOS Edition



30′ static recovery strap. Made of 3″ wide, 1-ply or 2″wide, 2-ply poly with cordura in the eye for abrasion resistance. Proudly made in Houston Texas.

2” 1-ply
Working Load 3,100 lbs
Minimum Tensile Strength 15,500 lbs

3″ 1-ply:
Working Load 4,650 lbs
Minimum Tensile Strength 23,250 lbs

2″ 2-ply:
Working Load 6,200 lbs
Minimum Tensile Strength 31,000 lbs

Made to order in Houston Texas

Due to liability, Treaty Oak Offroad load bearing equipment may not be returned.

Static Rope Straps

2” 1-ply, 3" 1-ply, 2" 2-ply