Safe-Xtract X-Lock


Meet the Patented X-Lock©

For use with synthetic line up to 1/2″ in diameter on the SX20000H and 5/8” on the SX40000H, the X-Lock© is an incredibly useful and nearly indestructible piece of hardware, machined in the USA out of a single block of high-strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. Its design was initially born from the understanding of the fact that a winch only pulls at its rated capacity on the first layer. The X-Lock© allows the user to shorten a Synthetic Winch Line or Winch Line Extension between the winch and the anchor point, thereby allowing the winch to begin pulling on its first layer where it has maximum capacity. However, the X-Lock© can do much more than this! Other uses include:

V-BRIDLE CONFIGURATION: A V-Bridal recovery configuration is used when it is necessary to reduce the load by using two anchor points instead of one. The X-Lock© can be used to attach a winch line to another line that has each end serving as an anchor. Snatch Blocks are often used in this way, however they are prone to unwanted travel, while the X-Lock© will remain firmly in place. No other component on the market offers this capability.

JOINING WINCH LINE, WINCH LINE EXTENSION OR SAFETY LANYARD: The X-lock© allows two or more synthetic lines with eyes to be safely connected. This is most useful in complex recoveries where several winches from different angles may be required.

MANUAL BELAY OF VEHICLE: Using the Winch Line Extension and Pully Block in conjunction with the X-Lock©, in an emergency a user can can manually lower / belay an object [vehicle] down a slope in a controlled manner. Should a vehicle have to descend a very steep slippery slope, controlling the decent with a belay is appropriate. No other vehicle recovery kit component offers this feature.

These three listings simply scratch the surface of what the X-Lock© can be used for.

MILITARY TESTED: When you choose a Safe-Xtract X-Lock©, you are in good company. Hundreds of Safe-Xtract X-Locks© are currently in service with US Military SOCOM units, and this design has been incorporated as a US Military Vehicle Program of Record component.

*Do not use the X-Lock© with a covered or sleeved synthetic line, or with a metal/wire cable. Coated or uncoated synthetic lines are fine.

This X-Lock is compatible with both the SX Recovery App and the SX Training Program. Users should be professionally trained before field employment of any recovery gear.



8000, 20000, 40000


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