Safe-Xtract Winch line Extension

SX-8000A Winch Line (1/4″ x 40′) 8,000 lb MTS

SX-20000A Winch Line (7/16″ x 60′) 21,000 lb MTS

SX-30000A Winch Line (1/2″ x 60′) 31,300 lb MTS

SX-40000A Winch Line (5/8″ x 60′) 51,400 lb MTS



Based on years of innovative engineering and design, Safe-Xtract’s Kit, Training and Software/App-based Vehicle Recovery System is the most advanced recovery system in the world and these are our purpose-engineered Winch Line Extensions. This Winch Line Extension is designed from the ground up as an interoperable component of our Xtreme kits and also functions perfectly as a stand-alone Winch Line Extension for use with equivalent winch lines and winches. Sizing is as follows:

• SX-8000B Winch Line Extension (1/4″ x 40′) (8,000 lb MTS)
• SX-20000B Winch Line Extension (7/16″ x 60′) (21,000 lb MTS)
• SX-30000B Winch Line Extension (1/2″ x 60′) (31,300 lb MTS)
• SX-40000B Winch Line Extension (5/8″ x 60′) (51,400 lb MTS)

Our Winch Line Extensions feature unique characteristics that make it ideally suited for use in the Vehicle Recovery environment. These include:

QUALITY FABRICATION: Construction in the USA using next-generation splice and Plasma synthetic line that is stronger than steel cable of equivalent diameter and more than 6 times lighter. This Winch Line Extension is so light it floats! it is also military-approved, certified Berry Amendment and Buy American Act compliant. It comes factory load-tested to both validate strength rating and improve shackle strength out of the box. There is no stronger 7/16″ Plasma Winch Line Extension on the market.

UTILITY COATINGS/COLORS: The bright alternating 3 ft Neon Orange and Black color scheme clearly shows winch line movement in all conditions. Both eyes are hard-dipped, making them incredibly durable and lightweight.

UV RESISTANT/WEATHERPROOF: Proprietary Neon Orange and Black fiberlock coating is durable and UV resistant, and Plasma line does not absorb water, making this Winch Line Extension perfect for use in wet or otherwise adverse weather conditions.

SERIALIZED DATA TAG: Durable tag includes vital safety data including the rope’s Minimal Tensile Strength and a unique serial number linked to every production step for purposes of traceability.

MILITARY TESTED: When you choose this Winch Line Extension, you are in good company. Hundreds of these Winch Line Extensions are currently in service with US Military SOCOM units, and this design has been incorporated as a US Military vehicle program of record component.

This Winch Line Extension is compatible with both the SX Recovery App and the SX Training Program. Users should be professionally trained before field employment of any recovery gear.


Safe-Xtract Winch Line Extension

SX-8000B, SX-20000B, SX-30000B, SX-40000B


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