In January 2017 I was in need of a fridge slide to solve a problem of access to my refrigerator in the back of my truck. My setup at the time consisted of a drawer system in the back of my truck inside a camper shell. My previous setups were on the floor of an SUV. The ability to get inside the fridge was easier in the SUV. Now having the fridge on top of the drawers, made getting into the fridge cumbersome. The need to climb into the truck and then squeeze between the truck’s camper shell was not feasible. Searching the internet I found a product I felt could do what I needed.

A US-based company (that won’t be named) was making a drop slide at the time. Their cost was well over $900.00. Not wanting to spend that much, I began to see if there were other manufacturers making a similar product.

To my surprise, (sarcasm) a company in Australia was already making a similar product. The company was MSA 4×4. MSA 4×4 has been around in Australia since the late 1990’s. Their company was born out of desire and their belief there should be better canvas products. The company has continued to innovate and has developed some great products for the off-roading and touring communities.

MSA 4×4’s fridge drop slide was very well marketed and reviewed. Many of the images and videos showed them having women sit on their slides to show how tough they were. My understanding was they were the original designers of the drop slide.

I contacted MSA 4×4. They were willing to ship to the United States of America. With shipping and after the currency conversion I paid less to purchase from MSA 4×4 than the USA company who was making a similar product.

When the product arrived I was anxious to put it together. I mocked up the drop slide on a board and some saw horses.

It functioned as designed and only led me to getting a little more excited about its installation.

Putting the fridge into the tray was easy. MSA had different bags labeled for various name brand fridges. (National Luna, ARB, Dometic, etc..) In the bags there screws and bolts for each fridge manufacturer. There was also the option to strap these fridges by their handles to remove the fridge more easily from the slide if desired.

There was no intention to move the fridge to another vehicle, so I chose to bolt the fridge to the slide. I also figure it would stand as added security if someone was to break into the rear of my truck.

The ARB fridge was fitted and secured. The fit was perfect. The bolt set for the fridge had a couple extra bolts at the end which is always nice.

My wife and I have found the fridge slide to be one our favorite purchases for our vehicle. It rates right up there with the original purchase of the fridge.

Would I purchase this fridge slide again today?

Without a doubt.

A company in the United States imports MSA products now. That company is Adventure Imports. Adventure Imports is responsible for bringing Maxtrax, MSA 4×4, and Indeflate to the United States. Adventure Imports has a dedicated website for MSA products, MSA 4×4 USA.