Hill People Gear Snubby Kit Bag V2

Ever own a piece of gear that changes your life for the better? That’s how we feel about the Hill People Gear Kit Bag line. For several years we owned a Snubby Kit Bag.

The Snubby Kit has been used for hiking, camping, off-roading, fishing, and running. The chest rig became one of my go to pieces of gear very quickly.

The reason for its quick accession to the top of my go to gear was its versatility. The bag allowed me to carry my essentials; pistol, wallet, phone, and a small trauma kit all fit. The kit bag was adaptable, durable, and comfortable.

The Snubby is made with 500d nylon construction.

The bags design was excellent. Hill People Gear was still able to find room for improvements. The new Snubby Kit Bag V2 has added 6/12 velcro to the internal main compartment. There is also webbing loops added to the bottom of the bag for attaching items such as, HPG Tourniquet Pouch and FHF Bear Mace Pouch.

The rear most compartment has a single strip of velcro and works well for a handgun. The velcro allows for internal holsters with velcro backing. There is also a single webbing loop for tying off a holster like the Dale Fricke Zaccheaus holster. Zaccheaus Holster

The main compartment, as mentioned, now has 6/12 velcro. This small change added more options for customizing the main pocket. You can now use molle type and velcro pouches for organization and extra storage. There are also two pockets towards the front of the compartment and two webbing loops. The webbing loops are nice for tethering gear inside the kit bag.

The front and outermost compartment has two pockets and two web loops.

The kit bag sits against the chest with padding to give relief from any objects that may be stored in the rear compartment.

The kit bag is held to the chest by two shoulder straps and two straps that come around the lats from the back. The straps come to a ventilated section. The ventilated section assists in allowing heat to escape while being active. This is especially helpful when wearing the kit bag with a backpack.

The Hill People Gear Snubby Kit bags are one of the best pieces of gear we have ever owned. It is why we chose the Hill People Gear kit bags for the foundation of our trauma kits. SOS Trauma Kit

The bag’s design is well thought out. The materials have been carefully chosen. The craftsmanship is beyond compare.

If you need a trauma kit bag feel free to check out our store. If you wish to purchase a Hill People Gear Kit bag, contact us, as we offer these and the full line of Hill People Gear equipment. SOS Trauma Kit

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