FHF Expandable Bear Spray Holster

There is a lot of gear that gets sold I find doesn’t take into consideration ergonomics or keeping items in a person’s workspace. 

If you look for bear mace holsters and carriers you will find a lot of belt attachments and slings.

The slings are nice but they slide around. Just like a firearm holster I feel something needed immediately should be readily available and able to be drawn consistently from the same place. This allows for muscle memory and ergonomics to make the draw faster. 

For the same reasons we chose the Hill People Gear Kit Bags for our Trauma Kit Bags, we choose the FHF Bear Expandable Bear Spray Holster to compliment our kits. 

FHF sells these holsters in folliage, ranger green, blaze orange, MultiCam, and coyote brown. Each colorway is listed at $30.00.

The expandable holster can accommodate 7 to 14 oz cans of bear mace. 

The bear spray expandable holster works well because of it’s design. The large pull tab with bungee cord works great. The pull tab is solid and provides a positive grip for ease of access. The pull tab on top also allows for immediate purchase of the bear spray canister. 

The holster is attached to belt or pack belt by PALS MOLLE.  By using the PALS MOLLE you can adjust belt sizes from 1 to 3 inches. 

We find it best to attach to our Hill People Gear Kit bags because it is always on us as part of a principled approach to necessary and life saving gear. By putting it on the kit bag the bear mace is not tucked away in a back pack pouch, on a pack waist belt, or sat in the vehicle. 

We like the FHF Bear Spray Expandable Holster. We highly recommend the item and may carry it in the future if there is significant amount of interest. 

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