Campsite Set Up

You’ve been hitting the miles all day. The seat is beginning to feel like the padding has gone out. Your shoulders are stiff from working the wheel on technical trails and your neck feels sore from trying to lean forward to watch the front corners. There may 2-3 hours before the sunsets. Camp cannot come soon enough. …

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The Danger of Rings

Growing up on a farm I knew the dangers of equipment, machines, and animals. A visual reminder to protect my fingers, was my grandfather’s left hand.  Papa was missing his ring and pointer finger, on the left hand, after the first knuckle. One finger was lost while bucking hay wearing a ring. The other was a …

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Off-road Communication

When I was in law enforcement people believed the most powerful piece of equipment I had was my firearm. That thought could not have been furthest from the truth.  The radio was the most important and vital equipment we carried. From my time in Patrol, Traffic, SWAT, Sniper, and Detective I valued the radio the …

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