Off-road Communication

When I was in law enforcement people believed the most powerful piece of equipment I had was my firearm. That thought could not have been furthest from the truth.  The radio was the most important and vital equipment we carried. From my time in Patrol, Traffic, SWAT, Sniper, and Detective I valued the radio the …

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AT Overland Habitat

Like most I started in a ground tent. The ground tents have had several variations. The older tents with the half inch tent poles, 2 man back packing tents, and a few large family size ground tents. These tents always felt like a bother to setup.Keeping the poles and pieces together always seemed like a …

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Stedi Type X Pro

Recently I switched front bumpers.  My original bumper had a location for a smaller light bar.  When I switched to a full size bumper I needed to address some lighting issues I had dealt with for some time. The lighting from the smaller light bar was good but not great. The light also was regularly …

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