Water Safety

Summer is right around the corner as we quickly approach Memorial Day Weekend. Many families will be heading out to lakes, rivers, and backyard pools to enjoy what is regarded in America as the beginning of summer. Water sports and being in and around water can be a lot of fun. Our family loves to

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Team Work

Ever seen a team who is clicking and gets it? No matter what is thrown at them they are able to keep their poise and each do their part to make their goal and/or destination. Teamwork can be critical to success when adventuring in the wilderness. Teamwork allows you to go further and longer easier.

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Firearm Safety

Recently the family went to the range for a bit of shooting. Brought to mind the need to speak about firearm safety. So here it is a short and to the point article about firearm safety. 1. Treat all firearms as though they are loaded. If handed a cleared firearm make it a habit to also

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